Error occurred while setup was updating partition information dating fail cheezburger

03-Dec-2017 21:18

You could get more information from previous post "Primary partition VS logical drive".

To deal with the error, you had better convert the logical partition to primary partition and then make it active.

Once booted into the recovery partition and selecting “Reinstall OS X”, the “Eligibility Verification” window shows up. An unspecified error shows up which states “An Error occurred while preparing the installation.

Try running this application again.” Upon doing so, the same exact error pops up.

Nothing has been done to have this occur, so what exactly is going on?

While this can be frustrating, something quite simple is going on in the background that needs to be addressed.

Knowing the exact reason, you can solve the problem with ease.

Here, this post will show 3 possible reasons in order.

If that’s the case, it is possible to rebuild the partition table from scratch to make sure system loads correctly. Some of the solutions below require the use of the Microsoft Windows setup CD or DVD.(as below) As we know, logical partitions can also be used to install Windows, but there must be a primary partition to save boot files.In addition, only one primary partition on one hard disk can be set as active to boot operating system at a time.Here, we recommend you use a piece of simple, professional partitioning tool namely Mini Tool Partition Wizard this tool offers wizard-based operation, high security and excellent performance. Kindly reminder: the free edition of Mini Tool Partition Wizard doesn’t provide Bootable Media Builder. Step 1: You need to boot your computer via Mini Tool Partition Wizard Bootable Disc to get the following window.

Here, please choose the first option "Partition Wizard" to enter the main interface of Mini Tool Partition Wizard.

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