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The data scientist Randal Olson recently visualized some of the findings from a paper by Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon, two researchers at Emory University who studied 3,000 married couples in the U. Their findings offer some take-aways for couples who want to minimize their chances of divorce: You should date for three years before popping the question. Similarly, a well-attended ceremony might be a proxy for a large family that pressures and/or supports the couple and helps them stay together.A strong marriage, in other words, is an intentional one.

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According to a new study, spending between ,000 and ,000 on an engagement ring is significantly associated with an increase in the risk of divorce. They analyzed income, religious attendance, how important attractiveness was to each partner, wedding attendance, and other metrics to determine the aspects associated with eventual marital dissolution. Dating for a while before tying the knot might indicate a level of planning that suggests the couple is in it for the long haul.For Jenee and Joe Page, the historic setting at Steppingstone Farm Museum in Havre de Grace matched the rustic theme they wanted for their wedding day on Oct. “I believe it really is a hidden treasure,” Jenee says.