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25-Nov-2017 02:03

Characteristics of INTJ Women All people are unique, but understanding the characteristics of any personality can help you achieve better relationships. They take every opportunity to learn, broaden their knowledge, and therefore, they are insatiably curious.

You would see them debating, not for the sake of argument, but for learning more.

For the above to reasons, the biggest insult you could give to an INTJ would be to completely ignore their theories; it means they're not even worth the effort of considering.

The two hardest things for an INTJ to understand are irrationality and emotions.

If you’re scratching your head and only reading this feature because you have no idea what an INTJ relationship is, don’t worry. This test is designed to figure out a person’s psychological preferences for how they make decisions and perceive the world.

The Myers-Briggs 16 personality types INTJ is a personality type, according to the Myers-Briggs Personality test.

One of the hardest things to understand for an INTJ is emotion, and decisions made because of emotion.

They look at a situation in so many ways, and often, they could just forget that the answers are right before their eyes. While they are confident, this can carry on too far to the point of complete arrogance.

If they think you're not worth their time, they won't try to push you away, they'll just completely ignore you.

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