Copeland spode dating date marks

04-Dec-2017 01:04

Josiah Spode established a pottery at Stoke-on-Trent, England, in 1770.In 1833, the firm was purchased by William Copeland and Thomas Garrett and the mark was changed to . Copeland & Sons continued until a 1976 merger when it became Royal Worcester Spode.From around 1800, most of the patterns painted by Spode's artists were recorded in Pattern books.These books contain watercolour paintings of tens of thousands of patterns made from about 1800 up to the end of production at the Church Street factory.Josiah Spode is known to have worked for Thomas Whieldon from the age of 16 until he was 21.

The most common type of sheet pattern though is one which gives a uniform appearance.Some examples are Marble, Parsley, Star sheet, Fibre sheet, Thyme sheet (of which there seems to be two versions), Shagreen or Broth, and Moss Sprigs.These sheets could be used on their own printed in a plain colour.There are more than 300 identifying marks, datemarks and backstamps on Copeland Spode pottery going back as far as 1770, according to Heirlooms Antiques Centre.

These marks are divided into four main categories, including early Spode from 1770 to 1833, Copeland & Garrett from 1833 to 1847, WT Copeland from 1847 to 1970 and Spode from 1970 to 2014.

For instance, the letter J over the number 96 means the piece was made in January of 1896.

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