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Curiously, that “San Dimas guitar” mystique didn’t rub off to its foreign cousins like the Model 4 – the fine Japanese-made Charvels produced beginning in 1986.

Japanese Charvels were the result of a collision between the dominance of ’80s heavy metal, the maturation of Asian guitarmaking, and the realities of economics.

In 1988, Charvel sent a crew of luthiers to Japan for a year or so to crosstrain the Japanese builders on building methods for custom-built guitars. custom-built guitars have a four-digit serial number the Japanese custom-built models have a six-digit serial number.

i am contemplating buying a charvette charvel for 70 pounds but i am unsure first of all if it is any good or if it is worth that much.

the serial number reads 9090921, i have been told that it may be korean but that is all.

When Asian companies began copying Charvel's parts and selling them at a discount, Charvel decided to begin building complete guitars.

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Charvel guitars were constructed from wood components outsourced to Boogie and Schecter bodies, and various Charvel and aftermarket hardware.Certain guitar brands develop a mystique among aficionados – sometimes it’s even deserved!