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Franklin's mother, Sara, was only 27 when he was born and doted on her only child.Until she died in 1941 (just four years before Franklin's death), Sara played a very influential role in her son's life, a role which some describe as controlling and possessive. Roosevelt spent his early years at his family home in Hyde Park.Paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a bout of polio, Roosevelt overcame his disability and was elected President of the United States an unprecedented four times.Dates: January 30, 1882 -- April 12, 1945Also Known As: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDRFranklin D.Parents new to the program must read Understanding the Program which explains the public and private school choice options available.Parents of students continuing in the private school choice option must read Continuing Participation which explains how to continue a student’s eligibility.

Domestic violence: Florida licensed mental health professionals’ perceived level of competence. To locate a specific publication, please link to the University of Florida libraries at